Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s start off with the most frequently asked question I get.  “What are your rates?”

My rates vary based on the project, so if you want a quote, I’ll want to know a few details.

  • The usage of the audio (radio or tv commercial use, web only, internal video narration, personal use, etc…)
  • The length of the script (I base rates off of the duration of the read in minutes/seconds, but a word count will also will me arrive at a quote)
  • The duration you’ll be using the audio (is it for a one-time-only event, a 13 week radio campaign, or in perpetuity?)
  • The production elements or additional production work involved (multiple voices, working with a scratch track, precision timing of audio, etc…)

The more of those details you can include in your email to me – the more accurate my estimate will be.

It’s important for both of us to understand the cost before we agree to work together, so that’s my goal.